Storytelling and change communications

All eyes on you – do you act, or do you react?


Your company is a brand, and both your workforce and your customers rightly expect to be able to rely on it. In times of crisis it can be difficult to maintain day-to-day operations while at the same time communicating well within the company and to the wider world. You need to explain, inform and build trust. A crisis is a crisis and not an opportunity. But sometimes it’s during such times that we notice what is missing: strong and consistent communications with your staff and your customers.

Managers and their teams master crises better if they are honest with themselves and with each other – when their communications to the public are expressed with just as much care as their respect and appreciation for their co-workers. To put it in a nutshell: Good communications help you to retain staff and to gain the customers you want and need to have.

Utilise my expertise and resources: for communications strategies, websites, press releases or text editing. With over 25 years of experience in the communications sphere, 16 of which were spent in the communications departments of a large energy company, I know the effect political and social changes can have on a company. I look forward to talking to you!

What to expect

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (Abraham Maslow)


Every company has its own story. A story that, in its consistency, keeps you credible to co-workers and customers, even in times of crisis. I will help you to craft this story and to communicate it both internally and externally.


Even when all the pros and cons of a situation have been considered, the decision can still be difficult. Your belly is the key to finding the answer: It is here that all of your experience gathers. I will help you to visualise that gut feeling in a structured way and to make decisions.


After 25 years in communications I know a lot about changes that we have no influence on. With my comprehensive journalistic skills and agency experience, I will find that missing piece of the puzzle you need to present your company to the public – no matter how deeply it is hidden.



I will work on your processes with you – also by telephone and online. In English or German. Good communications mean building respect and trust, both internally and externally. So that you find and keep the staff and customers you want.

Let me tell you a story: your story.

Where are you at now?

Disruption shakes companies up. Customers expect more online offerings, staff expect up-to-the-minute ways of working and brand new companies enter the scene, just because they can.

How do you react? By finding new ways to gain customers? By spoiling your staff with free meals? What strategy do you follow? In other words: what is your story?

Every company has its very own, ver personal and unique history. You as the owner have certain convictions that you communicate to your customers and which your staff need to commit to. You tell them a story – your story. However, storytelling can only work if you are very clear, both internally and towards the outside world. Communicate authentically, consistently and transparently.

Why tell a story? Because stories have impact, they are memorable and strong. Customers reward a company they feel they understand. Staff need to know which part of the puzzle they’re working on and what the big picture is. This has a longer term impact and communicates much more respect and appreciation than a free meal. And the story gets around on the competitive market for employees. Your staff will choose to stay with you instead of moving on.

Let’s write your story together and define your messages and values. That can happen in a one-day workshop, an individual dialogue or a multi-day seminar – also available by telephone or online. For a convincing website, a motivated workforce or to find a way to master a specific challenge.

I enjoy working with international, multi-lingual workforces. I can work with you and your staff in English and German, both in Germany and internationally.

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